Finding honest and hardworking employees is a major challenge for businesses of all sizes. Many businesses especially in the tourism sector are seasonal require more workers only for a few months in a year. In other cases, businesses get more orders during the holiday season, so they require more workers. Hiring full time employees is expensive, since they have to be paid salaries, even if they have no work. Hence increasingly businesses of all sizes are using employment agencies for hiring suitable employees for a short period of time. Some of the benefits of temporary employment agencies are discussed below.

In Australia, businesses have to provide a wide range of benefits to their full time employees. Unless the employee is contributing to the business, the business is making a loss paying a monthly salary to the employee. It is also difficult to terminate the services of the employee if there is no work available, since the business has to compensate the employee. In a few cases, the employees may file a court case against the employer for violating labor laws. Hence during a recession or economic uncertainty, it is better for a business to reduce their full time employee count to the extent possible.

However, if the business does not have enough staff, it may not be possible to fulfill the orders they receive. So in these cases, the business should hire the services of an employment agency offering temporary staff. The employment agency has a large number of workers and professionals with different qualifications, skills, experience levels registered with them. Based on the requirement of the business, who is their client, the employment agency will provide suitable staff for the period specified. The business using the services of temporary workers will only be billed based on the actual work done, helping them save time and money.

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