Many business in Australia have noticed that their competitors who are using digital marketing channels are often getting more orders and making more profit. These businesses are selling their products and services offline, so they do not have experienced and skilled staff for marketing online. Marketing experts will inform the business that hiring a competent digital marketing agency will help the business increase sales. So the business owner or management would like to find out what is a digital marketing company, how it will help in marketing the company.

A company offering digital marketing services is using different digital marketing techniques to make more people aware of the services/products sold by the business, increasing the market for these products and also boosting the number of leads and orders which are generated. These marketing techniques vary from email marketing to online advertising and search engine optimization (SEO). The effectiveness of each of these techniques varies depending on the product or service which is being sold, competition and competence of the digital agency hired for marketing.

The cost of each digital marketing technique will depend to some extent on the information available. For example if the company already has a list of potential customers or leads, the cost of email marketing will be fairly low. In contrast, if the business is using pay per click (PPC) advertising, especially Google Adwords, and there is more competition, the marketing cost will be far more. For PPC advertising, it is also important to manage it properly, else money will be wasted. So based on the digital marketing budget, the right marketing technique should be selected. Social media marketing (SMM) is also a cost effective method for marketing consumer products since the social media account can be created at no additional cost, only time and effort is required for creating content posted on the account.

Another factor which businesses should consider while choosing the digital agency, is how quickly it will get the results it requires, like new leads or orders. Though SEO is considered to be the most cost effective method of generating leads, even the best marketing agency will take at least three or four months to improve the search rankings, generating additional leads. Hence though it is expensive, many new businesses are opting for PPC advertising initially which yields quick results, to get a few customers while their seo agency makes optimizes the website, to improve the search ranking

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