You often see a Cisco UCCX wallboard in call centers because it provides a lot of statistics that many call center agents would find very useful. When the time comes, you would want to know the number of calls that have gone unanswered so far during times when there are not too many agents on the floor. When that happens, you would want to highlight the agents who are answering the most calls because you immediately know that they are passionate about what they do. Meanwhile, the longest calls should also be highlighted because it means that these clients have a lot of questions in the back of their minds. There are times when you can’t really blame them for that, but you have to realize that they really care about what they have, so it’s your duty to answer all their questions without wasting too much of their time. One statistic that is on the wall board is that of the agent who answered the least number of calls, and if that agent’s name is there, it would either mean that this person is absent a lot or that he is always sleeping at work. The benefit with Cisco is also their Cisco UCCX contact centre.

Whatever the case may be, that person needs to wake up and do something about it. What is Cicsco UCCX? You will never believe how refreshing it would be to have something like this in your office. It’s updated in real time, so you know it’s something that will benefit everyone whose performance isn’t that good. If you’re not one of the top performers in the area, then chances are you’re going to get kicked out of your job. If that happens, you will have a hard time finding a place to support your family. There are just too many statistics on the Cisco UCCX wall board that there are times when some of them are ignored and that would be a big mistake. Another statistic would be the call that is put on hold because you don’t want to keep those people waiting. When they get tired of waiting, they will just hang up and move on. It really depends on the purpose of the call. If it’s not that important, you can forget about it. Of course, this also affects the contact center, because no one likes to be passed around like a bouncy ball.

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