Agile Future series on flexible working


Future Work guru Alison Maitland will lead a ground-breaking new series, The Agile Future, featuring  innovative speakers and case studies on leadership and new approaches to work.

The workshops in Sydney and Melbourne will deliver the ‘how to’ for managers and leaders seeking to build agile workplaces and:

  • Understand the global picture and the forces driving the transformation of work – globalisation, workforce, climate and technology
  • Learn about the wide-ranging business benefits of agile working
  • Hear why and how leading companies are embracing future work and management practices
  • Discuss what all this means for your company and how to get people on board
  • Understand why corporate culture is critical – and what needs to change
  • Hear from leaders who are driving change first-hand.

The workshops will be held in Sydney on 1 April and Melbourne on 3 April. Click here for details.

Agile working is a new way of working that enables you to make better use of the potential of all of your people for long-term sustainable growth and improved business performance and productivity. Read more about why we need an agile future.