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Leaders and creative thinkers support a national smart work centre action plan

A group of 25 leaders and creative thinkers from a broad range of sectors in South East Queensland (SEQ), Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne recently met to discuss the implementation of a network of Smart Work Centres in Australia. A key outcome was support for the establishment of a Smart Work Centre organisation to advise, advocate […]

The part-time executive

A growing number of top-level people are working less to accomplish more Business schools should be teaching aspiring executives how to lead people part-time. Sound counterintuitive? I think it would be a perfect way to learn how to inspire and motivate people in our increasingly mobile, virtual world. Perhaps more importantly, current managers should try […]

Face-to-face fallacies

Why insisting that workers come to the office may not increase collaboration To unleash creativity and collaboration in today’s knowledge economy, we need to put freedom and choice, not rules and constraints, at center stage. That means providing individuals with options about how and where they work and meet and collaborate, and treating people as […]

9 to 5 is so last century

Businesses that seize the opportunities afforded by technology stand to gain the most Encouraging flexibility is not just about what workers want. Crucially, it’s also about improving business performance. And surprise, surprise, the two go hand in hand. There is plenty of evidence that people are more productive when they are able to work in […]

What Not To Do When It Comes To Coworking Spaces

Alex Hillman is a community development & market communications consultant with experience working for various sized web software initiatives: local business through Fortune500. One of his projects includes IndyHall: Independents Hall which is a coworking space and community in Philadelphia. The space features designers, developers, writers, artists, entrepreneurs, scientists, educators, small business owners, telecommuters, marketers, […]

Libby Sander and Craig Rispin

Libby Sander Interviews Bernard Salt on co-working and the future landscape of the workplace

This short video was kindly supplied by Keryn Spriggs of Work Club Gold Coast. Libby Sander is a co-working Activist in support of the Digital Work Hub Project. Libby is Co-Founder of Work Club (a co-working space on the Gold Coast), Founder of Rethink, Founder The Future of Work Project and a researcher and writer. In […]

Gelatine – Designing for Digital Encounters in Coworking Spaces

This guest blog post was kindly supplied by Mark Bilandzic , a PhD Student at Urban Informatics Research Lab, Queensland whose research topic has been “The Embodied Hybrid Space – Designing Social and Digital Interventions to Facilitate Connected Learning in Coworking Spaces”. Public libraries and coworking spaces seek for means to facilitate peer collaboration, peer inspiration […]