Coworking O-week attracts creative businesses

A variety of entrepreneurs, creative thinkers and business people recently sampled coworking as an alternative to working from home or in an office during Noosa Boardroom’s coworking orientation week.

noosa Oweek 3

Wendy Wilson, Julie Robinson, Jacqueline Wardle and Lisa Murray enjoyed the coworking initiative.

The event attracted local business people as diverse as architects, financiers and accountants, digital natives such as bloggers, web designers and SEO experts.

The O-week initiative followed on from the successful launch of Noosa Boardroom’s coworking space at the end of January and was designed as a come-and-try experience. Read more…

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  1. Social Media Works July 31, 2014 at 12:09 pm Reply

    Its a great local Noosa initiative and we love that it encourages business women and men to come together in the one place to network and work.

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