The Digital Work Hub Project provides a regional focus to the growing area of research by governments, organisations and individuals regarding collaborative workspaces worldwide and in Australia.

This project aims to create the case for ‘innovation centres’ in local communities across South-East Queensland (SEQ) to increase productivity and diversity through greater regional employment and reducing travel-related stress.

The research has looked at demand and supply factors, analysed available data and interviewed target groups such as employers and employees, to develop a communication strategy for broad engagement across SEQ.

Who will benefit:

  • Potential investors in/providers of Digital Work Hub services, who require information about supply and demand factors.
  • Commercial, institutional and public sector employers who could benefit from offering more flexibility in employee location and reducing inner-city office space requirements.
  • Town and city planners/developers and transportation services planners/providers who will have new possibilities to address issues such as congestion.

The final report, ‘Digital Work Hubs: An Activation Framework for South East Queensland‘ is now available. It includes economic analysis, regional typologies, concept imagery and potential business models.