Final report

The final research report Digital Work Hubs: An Activation Framework for South East Queensland proposes a nine-point activation plan:

  1. Develop an SEQ Digital Work Hub Activation Model.
  2. Engage key stakeholders to support development of digital work hubs in regional centres.
  3. Create an SEQ activation team to support and build resources for digital work hubs.
  4. Establish a digital work hub community, partnerships and further research.
  5. Establish public and/or private sector tenants in regional digital work hubs and provide employees with the option to telework up to three days per week.
  6. Recognise the value of private sector employees based in digital work hubs as an alternative to decentralisation.
  7. Recognise private sector ownership and management of digital work hubs and promote involvement of local entrepreneurs, service providers and home-based workers.
  8. Conduct further research to determine the impact on health and wellbeing of digital work hubs and their contribution to broader prosperity gains across SEQ.
  9. Prioritise provision of local public, active and road transport infrastructure alongside increased dwellings and services in regional centres to capture long-term productivity gains.

Download the report.

Jonah Merchant (Biz Dojo) and Geoff Webb (RDA NR)

Margaret Blade, Lars Hall, Jac Smith, Derek Stephens

Russell Mason, Sarah BarrettJohn Sheridan, Colin Graham, Christie Tamas




Mark Forbes, Michael Eales, Bronwyn Buksh, Brian Nooney









About 100 people representing the public and private sector, investors, operators and general community attended the launch of the report in Brisbane on 6 December 2013. Guest speakers included:

  • Professor Max Standage, SEQ RDA Coordination Committee Chair
  • Digital Work Hubs Project Coordinator Bronwyn Buksh – Digital Work Hub Project research summary
  • Barbara Lepani, Department of Communications Australian Government – The Telework kit 
  • Paul Russell, Department of Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts – Queensland Digital Economy Strategy and telework trial
  • Libby Sander, Work Club Gold Coast co-founder – Future of coworking space
  • Mark Forbes, Moreton Bay Regional Council – Coworking pilot in Moreton Bay
  • Nick Shrewing and Jonah Merchant, Biz Dojo NZ co-founders– Powering growth via coworking, connecting places activities and people. Opportunities for SEQ
  • Brad Krauskopf, CEO Hub Australia and Third Spaces – Coworking network across Australia

Digital Work Hub Project – Final Report