Regional Analysis

The purpose of this phase was to establish a framework to identify possible locations in each region based on best-case geographical infrastructure requirements, and the regions’ wider city and regional building goals.

  • Create a Feasibility Assessment Framework based on the results of the initial best practice literature review, demand/supply based research, and additional local context information (key themes/areas).
  • Using this base data and local knowledge identify possible future locations across SEQ
  • Conduct a site analysis based on this list of ‘best case requirements’ of the possible locations for telework centres across the four RDA regions, including the key factors for where Digital Work Hubs should be located in the future (urban form and accessibility networks to existing infrastructure).
  • Identification of how Digital Work Hubs can be incorporated into the current local and state policy initiatives – regional building goals.
  • Identify gaps and opportunities in facilitating potential SWC locations.
  • Conduct operational assessments of the selected locations working with partners and key stakeholders (where practicable and feasible) to leverage start up partnerships.

The final report outlines recommendations with clear data linkages to the demand/supply research to inform location based business model(s), including future design and supply building mechanisms for the chosen sites and regions. Read the final research report, Digital Work Hubs: An Activation Framework for South East Queensland.