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Face-to-face fallacies

Why insisting that workers come to the office may not increase collaboration To unleash creativity and collaboration in today’s knowledge economy, we need to put freedom and choice, not rules and constraints, at center stage. That means providing individuals with options about how and where they work and meet and collaborate, and treating people as […]

9 to 5 is so last century

Businesses that seize the opportunities afforded by technology stand to gain the most Encouraging flexibility is not just about what workers want. Crucially, it’s also about improving business performance. And surprise, surprise, the two go hand in hand. There is plenty of evidence that people are more productive when they are able to work in […]


Agile Future series on flexible working

Future Work guru Alison Maitland will lead a ground-breaking new series, The Agile Future, featuring  innovative speakers and case studies on leadership and new approaches to work. The workshops in Sydney and Melbourne will deliver the ‘how to’ for managers and leaders seeking to build agile workplaces and: Understand the global picture and the forces driving […]